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At KC Connect PT, we believe in the power of the right tools. Explore our handpicked selection of trusted products designed to support your therapy and wellness journey. From balance tools to comfort aids, find what resonates with your needs.

Note: Always consult with your physical therapist before using any new product.

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Recommended Products

Resistance Bands: Discover KC Connect PT's endorsed resistance bands: uniformly sized for varied resistance, crafted from durable elastic fabric ensuring no snaps. Versatile for exercises from squats to leg raises. Compact and travel-friendly, they're your ideal workout ally.

Explore KC Connect PT's recommended foam roller: Designed with professional-grade EVA foam for exceptional durability, it's made to outlast typical rollers. With a soft density, it offers gentle relief for tight spots and is perfect for exercises, self-massage, and even yoga. Its standard size, 36” by 6” diameter, ensures versatility in its applications.

Introducing KC Connect PT's featured foam roller, the pioneering Tiger Tail USA – the first and original hand-held foam roller renowned in professional sports training rooms. Designed to alleviate muscle knots and soreness, this 18” handheld roller offers deep tissue relief with its firm, non-flexible structure. Made from premium, latex-free material, it's easy to use without needing to get on the floor. Widely recommended by professionals, it's a must-have for both athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

Disclaimer the products are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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