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We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for your convenience.

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Do you take my Medicare insurance?

Yes. KC Connect Physical Therapy is a participating Medicare provider. We provide covered physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries. We'll submit claims to Medicare on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your insurance coverage details.

We accept ALL Medicare Supplement plans. 

Contact us to verify your insurance coverage, we will email you a detailed report!

Do you take my individual/family insurance?

We do not accept other forms of insurance, except for Medicare.

We operate on a private-pay service model, where the cost of care is due at the time of the service. However, you can submit a self-claim to your insurance company, if you'd like. The necessary documentation will be provided after each session to help streamline the self-claim process. Reimbursements vary between insurance companies and cannot be guaranteed by KC Connect Physical Therapy.

Contact us if you need assistance in reviewing your out-of-network benefits for possible reimbursement. We will call your insurance company and review your out of network benefits prior to starting physical therapy.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. In the state of Kansas, patients no longer need to obtain a doctor's referral before seeing a physical therapist.

KC Connect Physical Therapy is currently accepting patients without a doctor's referral. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth visits allow you to connect with your physical therapist by phone from your home.

No download or account setup required.

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will text you a link to join the appointment 15 minutes prior through safe and secure HIPPA compliant technology.

Telehealth Initial Evaluation also includes a 15-minute follow-up phone call with your Doctor of Physical Therapy as well as lifetime access to your home treatment program.

What are your rates?

Medicare patients: (varied based on your specific insurance benefits and coverage)

  • In-Home or Telehealth

    • Full Evaluation & Initial Treatment:  $0 - 20% co-insurance 

  • In-Home or Telehealth

    • Follow-up treatment:  $0 - 20% co-insurance 

Contact us and our insurance specialist will verify your coverage & provide you with a detailed report of your exact cost, before your first visit!

Non-Medicare patients:

  • In-Home or Telehealth

    • Free 5-10 minute phone consultation.

    • Full Evaluation & Initial Treatment:   $175.  60 minutes.

    • Evaluation & Brief Initial Treatment:   $95.  30 minutes.

  • In-Home or Telehealth

    • Follow-up Treatment:   $125.  60 minutes​.

    • Follow-up Treatment:   $70.   30 minutes

What is Vestibular Physical Therapy?

Vestibular physical therapy is a specialty of rehabilitation which aids patient’s in their  recovery from dizziness, instability, or vertigo. If you have dizziness or vertigo, vestibular physical therapy may help.

What is Whiplash?

A rapid, frequently unanticipated movement of your head and neck is referred to as "whiplash."

The phrase "Whiplash-Associated Disorder," often known as "WAD," refers to the neck injury and/or symptoms that result from this motion.

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of whiplash in the United States. Car accidents often cause whiplash because of the sudden stopping force of the collision. This makes your head move rapidly back and forth causing a "whipping" effect. Even low-speed collisions between 5 and 10 mph can cause whiplash.

Whiplash can also be caused by a sudden blow to the head, for example, during contact sports, such as boxing or rugby. A slip or fall where the head is suddenly and violently jolted backward can also cause whiplash, as can being struck on the head by a heavy or solid object.

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